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Published the Mon Jun 28, 2021 9:35 pm


    Ultrasonic cleaner is also known as ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the industry is usually called ultrasonic cleaning machine. Small smaller ultrasonic cleaning machine, the north is biased to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the south is biased to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, strictly, ultrasonic cleaning machine The ultrasonic cleaner is inherently different, but it is only a different method.
    The ultrasonic cleaner cleaning is used as the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, and it can achieve a comprehensive clean cleaning effect of the object, especially for deep holes, blind holes, and grooves are most ideal, and does not affect the material and accuracy of any object. At the same time, in the experiment of biochemistry, physics, chemistry, medicine, research and colleges, extraction, degassing, mixing, and cells.

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